Report on Implementing Community Media in the Czech Republic

21.01.2015 12:38
P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }    Implementace komunitních médií do mediálního systému České republiky KM CR Report -14.pdf (407509)  

“Public value and participation of civil society – a case for public service or community media?”

10.01.2015 13:23
P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Grunangerl, M., Trappel, J., & Wenzel, C. (2012). “Public value and participation of civil society – a case for public service or community media?”. In e-journal des Fachbereichs Kommunikationswissenschaft. University of Salzburg. ausg1_partizipation_trappel.pdf...

Non-Commercial Broadcasting in Austria

09.01.2015 20:56
An extensive study of community broadcasting in Austria focusing on linguisic representation and public value. Purkarthofer_Peissl study 2010.pdf (451266)

Slide Show presentation of the Research Project

09.01.2015 20:17
A slide show presentation of this project examining community broadcasting in Austria from CivilMedia conference 2013. CivilMedia Presentation .pdf (1641644)

The legal and economic framework of the third audiovisual sector in UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Niedersachsen (Germany) and Ireland

04.01.2015 15:21
Report from Tremetzberger and Peissl about community broadcasting from a legal and structural framework in selected European

Study of Community Radio in Hungary

03.01.2015 12:44
The PhD thesis of community media scholar Gergely Gostonyi describes the community radio sector of Hungary in the context of European and Hungarian media policy. Gostonyi Thesis abstract.pdf (409421)

Canadian Report on Community Radio in 12 nations 2009

21.12.2014 12:38
Report on community radio regulation and funding in 12 nations. Published_CommRadioFundingReport.pdf (927347)

Worldbank 5 Country Study

20.12.2014 16:26
5 Country study by Bruce Girard 2007. CR 5 Country study.pdf (304,5 kB)

5 Country Report 2007

20.12.2014 16:11
Authored by Bruce Girard, the 5 country report details the status of community radio in 5 countries. CR 5 Country study.pdf (311830)

Preliminary Research Report

05.12.2014 22:31
The first preliminary research report has been released. The first compillation of theory, results and conclusions about the research project examining community broadcasting in Austria is now available for review and is available here DISS14 Research Report.pdf (222791) For more specific...